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The one thing that separates you from a ruined home is Ulysses termite control. Without a reliable service contractor, your building suffers in silence.

Even commercial buildings can be attacked by these hungry swarming bugs. If you only treat your house or business once a year, it isn’t enough.

Instead, you need us at General Pest Control to keep your property safer. Our experienced team of exterminators offers everything you need for pest-free living.

If you don’t remember when your place was serviced last, contact us now. We’ll get to the source of your pest problem with professional services and equipment.

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Ulysses Termite Control Services

When people call for pest control, they don’t realize how many termites actually exist. You can have one of three types of these bugs, or all of them.

Subterranean termites live in your soil and dig underneath your foundation slab. This is why you don’t know that they are living within your walls and crawl spaces.

Drywood termites typically invade in winter, where they warm up inside your home. These pests only feast on drier lumber surfaces.

Dampwood termites prefer to live outside where they find softer wood meals. No matter what type that your place has, we eliminate them all quickly.


Do I Need Ulysses Termite Control?

While everyone should have pest control, not everyone has invasive bugs. How do you know if you need our exterminators for your property?

Thankfully, termites are known to leave behind lots of evidence of their colony. There are numerous symptoms that all point to these bugs attacking your place.

Contact us as soon as you see any of these warning signs. It means that termites have been there for weeks causing trouble, and leaving behind:

  • Sagging Drywall
  • Water Damage-Like Spots
  • Hollow-Sounding Wood
  • Wall Pinholes
  • Uneven/Buckling Floors
  • Loosened Tiles
  • Sawdust-Like Debris
  • Discarded Wings
  • Mud Tubes
  • Sticking Windows and Doors
  • Higher Indoor Humidity

These bugs are messy eaters, and finding red flags isn’t difficult. Removing them and keeping them away for good is what’s more difficult.

Why Hire Us for Termite Control Services?

Unlike other bugs, it takes a dedicated approach to eliminate termites. Products sold in stores simply don’t take out the colony’s queen, allowing them to continue to take over.

Worst yet, these treatments could only make them move to a different area. When that happens, you assume that you’ve eliminated them, and let your guard down. Only to find them in a different area later on.

Instead, we know what to do to eliminate any threat you find. You can call on us for your home, business, outdoor spaces, and everywhere else.

If you have termites, we can locate them and remove them all. Hire us for your lawn or inside your buildings for complete pest control coverage.

termites in mud tunnels

The Best Ulysses Termite Control Near Me

General use insecticides often fail to target your most pressing pests. Our team always arrives prepared with professional equipment and commercial-grade products.

Don’t let invasive termites destroy your home or business. Choose us at General Pest Control for all your bugs and rodents.