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Even in a smaller community like Ulysses, bed bug control is essential. Otherwise, they quickly take over your home or business and spread to other people.

These invasive pests can scurry at three to four feet per second. That would feel like you’re sprinting as your average walking speed.

It also doesn’t help that they are excellent at hiding anywhere. Luckily, General Pest Control always finds the source of your infestation.

We guarantee your best results possible whenever you find pests. Keep bed bugs away from your family, staff, and customers and hire us.


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Ulysses Bed Bug Control Experts

These insects are hard to see, and you won’t hear them coming. It isn’t until you notice welts days later that you know something is wrong.

Chances are, the Internet told you to leave your mattress outside. While sunlight can help, they’ll only rush to the side with shade.

Also, placing your bed outdoors will only make it dirty or attract other bugs. Instead, we only use professional bed bug control methods for expert results.

Don’t rely on holistic approaches when you have these pesky parasites. Call the local exterminators you can depend on for any type of pests.


Why You Need Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs aren’t usually at the top of the list of people’s concerns. However, they certainly should be for what they can do.

While they won’t make you sick directly, they do feed on blood. Some people even experience allergic reactions which can worsen their condition.

Bed bugs don’t like touching bare flesh unless they need to. That also means that they’ll hide in your clothes, bags, and suitcases.

These insects won’t hesitate to feed on you, your pets, and your loved ones. Protect your place from bed bugs with our pest control experts.

Commercial Bed Bug Control

While hotels are most often at risk for bed bugs, they aren’t alone. In fact, these pests can survive in virtually any type of building.

Other places they frequent are movie theaters, city busses, and dog parks. Wherever they can hitch a free ride home, you’ll find them there.

Whether you operate a clothing store or a bakery, you may need our services. You may not even realize that you have these pests in your buildings.

Even an office space has the potential to spread bed bugs. Whether you need us at home or for your business, we can handle any infestations.


Ulysses Bed Bug Control Services

Bed bugs aren’t a pest that you want to keep around. They are also among the hardest to spot without bringing in an expert.

When you run a local small business, you never know what’s coming inside. Without our local exterminators, you can’t rely only on hope to keep pests away.

Bed bugs also don’t discriminate as to who they feed off of nightly. Adults, children, pets, and everyone else is at risk.

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