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One of the greatest fears homeowners face is when they spot a rat in their home. Odds are, if you see one, there are dozens of others you can’t see. To get rid of the problem, you need to call the experts at General Pest Control.

Some homeowners believe that a cat will be enough to deter mice and rodents. But their rapid reproduction can be too much for even the most skilled feline hunter. This means you need professional exterminators.

General Pest Control is a leader in extermination and treatment services in the area and uses professional tools and techniques. No matter the type of rodents that may be plaguing your home, General Pest Control can handle it.

Don’t wait for mice or rats to do irreversible damage to your property. Call the experts at General Pest Control in Pratt today.

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Most rodents that infest your home are nocturnal, so they can be hard to spot until the damage is already done. Any evidence of a mouse or rat can be enough to strike fear deep into the heart of a homeowner.

By the time you see one, there could be dozens hiding in your home. They can be lurking in the attics, the basement, and even in the walls.

Attacking rodents without the training and professional tools of an exterminator can result in a much bigger problem than its worth. General Pest Control uses professional rodent control systems such as bait systems, traps, and other techniques to remove the problem fully.

While most rodents migrate into homes in the winter to escape the cold, they can infest at any time. Don’t hesitate to call the experts at General Pest Control at the first sign of a problem.


What Rodents Can General Pest Control Eliminate?

Kansas is known for its blending of rolling rural plains and bustling metropolis. While both are wonderful, both can also serve as a breeding ground for rodents.

Though some may appear adorable, they can quickly turn dangerous when they bite and can spread diseases. Before you try and handle the situation yourself, call General Pest Control to handle any and all rodents, including:

  • Mice
  • Moles
  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Rats
  • Squirrels
  • Voles
  • Chipmunks

As well as both residential and commercial pest control.

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Rodents can cause a hefty amount of damage to your home in even a short amount of time. From wires and drywall to antiques and anything you might have in your garage, rodents aren’t choosy about what they destroy.

Their ability to quickly reproduce and return to properties makes it important to remove and further protect your home. Without proper measures taken, your home can quickly become overpopulated with rodents.

Garden variety hardware store traps can’t treat an infestation well enough to fully solve the problem. Your home deserves the best exterminators in the business, armed with the know-how and equipment to get the job done.

Don’t waste good cheese on bad mouse traps. Contact General Pest Control for all your extermination needs.