Some rodents can make decent pets, but not when they are wild. When they make their way inside your home, you need Guymon pest services.

These creatures are smart, cunning, and don’t require a ton of resources. Having small amounts of food and water can sustain the colony for days.

That is why General Pest Control continues to serve the Guymon, OK, community. For almost a decade, our exterminators have kept area homes and businesses safe with:

  • Experienced Contractors
  • Local Technicians
  • Professional Techniques
  • One-Time Treatments
  • Rodent Control Maintenance
  • Residential Pest Service
  • Commercial Pest Service
  • Professional Tools
  • Commercial-Grade Pellets
  • In-Depth Inspections

We locate and eliminate your pests on every visit that we make. Keep your property free from rodents and bugs, and hire us today.

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Since 2011, our team has continued to offer the best in Guymon pest services. Whether something is eating your flowers or your baseboard, we can help you.
Our exterminators offer treatments for both indoor and outdoor rodent infestations. Before you waste more money on store-bought kits, choose our local experts.

Removing pests from your property requires a multi-tiered plan of attack. Choose the experienced team of rodent control experts for your home or office for:
● Moles
● Voles
● Gophers
● Roof Rats
● Norway Rats
● Prairie Dogs
● Eastern Woodrat
● Texas Kangaroo Rat
● Southern Flying Squirrel
● Mice
● Beavers

No matter where the nest is, our team will find and remove them all. Give your property the best professional exterminators for superior rodent control solutions.


Why You Need Rodent Control Services in Guymon, OK

Homeowners get complacent when they take care of a single rat. What they don’t realize is they only got the unlucky one.

When rodents invade your home, they stay in areas far away from view. That often means roof rats, basement burrowers, and garden gremlins to contend with daily.

Unfortunately, the longer you don’t know they’re around, the worse the damage they cause. Rodents will gnaw anything they can find, including wood, building materials, and electrical wiring.

The best way to defend your property is with annual inspections and scheduled care. Hire our exterminators now and keep your home or office free from pests.

The Best Guymon Pest Services Near Me

A mouse trap only works on smaller rodents, and one isn’t enough. Your infestation requires a combination of traps, baits, and repellent for success.

Products sold in stores will only work on a few rodents. The rest of the nest is teeming with dozens more to worry about.

Our exterminators always handle the situation with professional tools and techniques. Hire General Pest Control to eliminate any source of pests from your property.