Tools of the Trade – Pest Control

March 15, 2022
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Who doesn’t love a good DIY project? Doing it yourself can be great for crafting and smaller tasks, but when it comes to pest control, hiring professional help is the best option. Hiring General Pest Control is a much safer and more efficient way to prevent infestations or control a pest infestation. 

Professional Equipment Pest Control Equipment

One major difference between doing pest control yourself and hiring a professional is the equipment. Pest control companies, like General Pest Control, use equipment such as pest vacuums to remove larger infestations, backpack sprayers to spread effective chemicals faster, termite baiting tools to find the pests faster, pest control software to collect data, bed bug steamers to remove bed bugs more efficiently, and pest control spray hoses to remove pests more efficiently. All of this equipment allows General Pest Control to control the infestation proactively with a more efficient timeline. 

With a professional pest control company, like General Pest Control, the infestation can be under control within a few hours or a few days, depending on the pest and severity of infestation. Although the exterminators will leave within this time frame, their work may take a few days to a week to finish the job.

Pest Control Safety

Safety is another crucial aspect of pest control. General Pest Control uses equipment to ensure their process is safe both for the exterminators and for the client. This safety equipment includes respirators, high-grade gloves, goggles and/or face shields, and other body covering pieces. General Pest Control also makes sure to use the right chemicals to ensure long-lasting safety for the client.

Chemicals used by General Pest Control

Another major difference in a professional pest control company compared to doing it yourself is the quality of chemicals used. In the case of a home having multiple infestations by different pests, an individual would have to purchase a variety of over-the-counter chemicals and use each one to combat each different pest. Not only would an individual have to buy all different chemicals, but who knows what harmful chemicals are in those sprays and what effects they have on people and pets. On the other hand, General Pest Control has the ability to use specific chemicals that are only allowed use by licensed pest exterminators. These chemicals are Pyrethrin and Pyrethroids, which have active ingredients to eliminate pests.

Pyrethrin and Pyrethroids are much safer chemicals to use both indoors and outdoors. These chemicals have botanical origins, meaning they are derived from plants, and even certified to use on organic farms. Pyrethrin and Pyrethroids are considered nontoxic for adults, as well as for children. These professional-grade chemicals are also safe for animals, especially for dogs. Overall Pyrethrin and Pyrethroids are more ideal options compared to over-the-counter pest control sprays.

Tools of General Pest Control

Besides heavy equipment and more effective chemicals, General Pest Control has tools that can help the exterminators eliminate an infestation seamlessly. Some of these helpful tools include:

  1. LED Flashlights to have a better visualization of where the pests are located.
  2. A telescoping inspection mirror to find harder to see places that could be infested.
  3. Sensors to see movement of the pests and points of entry.
  4. Night vision cameras monitor and track nocturnal pests, like bats.
  5. Traps that keep animals alive and unharmed so they can be removed and rehomed.

All of these tools, professional equipment, and licensed chemicals help General Pest Control protect your home or business in an efficient and professional manner. Hiring General Pest Control can also prevent damage to your home, save you time and energy, and protect your health.