Protecting Everyone in Your Family: How General Pest Control Protects Your Pets

August 17, 2021
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Pest control is an art form, a balancing act between using the best tools for complete pest extermination in your home and on your property while still protecting the people and pets within the home. At General Pest Control we take our responsibility to you and your family very seriously, and that includes the 4 legged family members that rely on you the most. 

Dogs and cats can’t protect themselves from pests and sometimes it might even feel like they go out of their way to expose themselves to these insects despite their owner’s best efforts to protect them. Products like Flea and Tick chews, oils, and collars can provide a layer of protection for a certain period of time, but the most effective way to ensure your pets are protected is comprehensive extermination services to ensure a reduction in the flea and tick population on your property. General Pest Control is the leading provider of extermination and pest control services in the South West of Kansas protecting those in Dodge City, Garden City, Liberal, Ulysses, Pratt, all the way down into Guymon, Oklahoma, and the surrounding areas. 

Why Protect Your Home & Pets Against Fleas & Ticks

Protection Against Fleas

Fleas are one of nature’s most invasive and aggressive parasites, living on the bodies of household pets and causing itching and pain around the areas they bite. Fleas can infest furniture and clothing, and cost thousands of dollars to remove as infestations reach more advanced stages. 

Protection Against Ticks

Ticks may seem like a passive threat to you and your family’s safety, only causing itching with their bites. But when left untreated, ticks can be a source of dangerous diseases for pets and loved ones. The parasites can carry Lyme disease, a serious condition that can cause 

  • Fever
  • Headaches 
  • Rash 
  • Fatigue 
  • Long term disabilities (auto-immune disease, muscle spasms, etc)

If left untreated, Lyme disease can spread to the joints, heart, and nervous system and cause much more serious complications. It can be especially dangerous to pets, causing fever, loss of appetite, swelling or pain in the joints, and lameness. An untreated infection can spread to the heart, kidneys, and nervous system, requiring costly treatments to resolve the infection. a brown spiden on a wooden surface

Your pets and your family deserve to be protected against these dangerous and invasive parasites and the disease they cause. When dealing with these populations of disease-spreading insects, you need the quality services and expert technicians of General Pest Control. We’re dedicated to providing the utmost in pest control, with a variety of services to meet your needs. 

What to Do if You Notice Fleas & Ticks on Your Pet

Oftentimes people do not realize they have an issue until it’s too late. While it might be easy to spot a tick crawling around on your couch or on you, it can be a lot more difficult to spot on your pet. The same is true for fleas, owners often miss the beginning signs of a flea problem until their pet is itching constantly and there are little bugs flying off their pet and onto your home furniture. 

If you spot fleas or ticks on your furry friend, you will want to – 

  • Wash your pet with Flea & Tick Shampoo.
  • If it is a tick, pull the tick off quickly in one sweeping motion to avoid getting the head stuck in the skin of your pet. Clean the bite with soap and water.
  • Use flea and tick collars consistently, as well as veterinarian-approved topical treatments
  • Consult a veterinarian if you find any concerning-looking bites or bumps on your pets that may be attributed to fleas and ticks. 

If you notice fleas on your pet it is likely that there are also fleas within your furniture or carpet. In order to help remedy any additional invaders, you may find in your furniture – 

  • Wash the couch or carpet with hot water (if possible).
  • Rub in dry baking soda into the carpet or fabric and then vacuum thoroughly, keeping the contents in a plastic bag to avoid spreading more to the rest of your home and yourself.

And of course, there are at-home pesticides you can purchase from your local grocery store or hardware store. These store-bought pesticides can provide great population control if you notice the issue early on. However, if you try all of these home remedies and pesticides and still see the problem persist, then it is time to contact the experts at General Pest Control. 

General Pest Control will schedule a free consultation to view your home and highlight any problem areas we might find that demonstrate the presence of fleas and ticks already on your property. We will then develop and recommend a service plan to treat the problem areas as well as handle any preliminary signs of potential infestations around your home. If you choose to move forward with services by General Pest Control, we will schedule a date to begin servicing the property. 

The Process to Eliminate Fleas & Ticks

We will come out and identify the problem and communicate with you directly on the best course of action to remove the fleas and ticks. This could be through a variety of services including – 

  • Indoor pesticide treatment 
  • Outdoor pesticide treatment 
  • Specialized area control 
  • Preventative entry measures 
  • Comprehensive pest control and removal 

But it doesn’t stop with just one treatment, we schedule a follow-up inspection after the initial treatment is complete to ensure the problem has been eradicated. If additional treatment is needed we will communicate with you then. 

The Best Way to Avoid Fleas & Ticks

The best way to avoid flea and tick infestations or consistent issues (especially with pets) is through preventative measures. Just as you give your pet flea and tick medication you want to do general spraying to avoid a potential issue later down the line. Scheduling regular pest control is the best way to protect your pets and home from fleas and ticks. Protecting your pets not only gives you the ease of mind knowing you are keeping them safe and healthy, but it helps you keep your home clean and your family healthy as well. 

Avoid the “look what the cat dragged in” altogether by taking care of your pest problem before it starts.

Protect Your Pets & Family from Fleas & Ticks

You and your family have a right to enjoy your home and outdoor spaces, and insects and rodents have no place on your property. You can trust our certified professionals to deliver the highest quality pest control services and protect your home from every bug, rodent, or pest under the sun. 

Keeping your home clean and safe from pests is our mission and that covers everyone in your family, including your pets. You already do so much to nurture your pets and keep them healthy, this is just one more step to make sure they are protected. Your pets unknowingly are targets for pests like fleas and ticks and can carry them directly into your home. Keep them safe and your family safe by avoiding the problem altogether. Hire General Pest Control and protect your home and property from fleas and ticks.