Preventing Rodent Infestation in Cars

November 2, 2022
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Cars are an ideal shelter for rodents to stay in, especially during the colder months. As a society, we spend a lot of time driving and therefore, safety and comfort are important aspects of the cars we drive. Infestations can not only wreak havoc for the vehicle, but also for your own personal health. 

Rodents can chew up wires, build nests, and ruin upholstery in your car. Some are even able to blow fuses and start fires. These negative effects from rodents can cause major car problems and cost a lot of money to repair. Beyond just the financial burden, your health is also at risk when there is an infestation. Mice and rats often carry diseases and viruses that can cause serious harm to your health. This is an issue, especially when spending a substantial amount of time in an enclosed area with unwelcome guests.

Make sure that the substantial amount of time you spend in your car is safe by preventing contamination and being able to identify when an infestation starts.

How to Know if You Have a Rodent Infestation 

The good news is that rodents are more likely to reside in cars that are rarely used. So if you drive your car daily, the chance of an infestation is still possible but less likely to occur. 

When checking for signs of rodents, there are several places you should look out for. The most common places for rodents to reside are the engine, under windshield wipers, air filters, and in between the battery and frame. They choose these spaces because they can burrow into them since their bodies are small and flexible. Sometimes, they can even get into the spare tire compartment or inside of a headlight or taillight. Knowing where rats and mice like to reside will help you perform regular checks, or start to identify the early signs signaling that your car has a new resident before the damage becomes extreme. 

Unfortunately, if you miss the initial signs, you may learn about the infestation after the damage is already done to your car. If you start to notice the signs of a pest presence such as broken parts, torn wires, droppings, or nests, then you need to call the pest experts to have the problem removed.

How to Prevent A Rodent Infestation in Your Car

Ideally, the best thing to do for rodent prevention is to keep rodents from being able to enter your vehicle in the first place. Follow these tips to ensure rodent prevention in your vehicle:

  • Rodents enter your vehicle through holes often caused by rust. Keeping your car clean and free of dirt buildup (including salt residue from roads during the winter) will limit the rust on your car. 
  • Keep food out of your vehicle – including old wrappers, boxes, and bags.
  • They can also enter through vents and ducts, so keep an eye out for those areas.
  • Creating loud noises in your car can scare away the mice and rats, so beeping your horn or playing loud music may help prevent those unwelcome nesters.
  • Although rodents like heat, they don’t like it being overly hot. Blasting the heat or parking your car directly in the sunlight can be beneficial to prevent infestation. 
  • Make sure windows and sunroofs are always closed, as well as repair any other holes in the car. These creatures can be pretty small and squish their bodies down; fitting into the tiniest of spaces.
  • Keep moisture out of your car; whether that be damp clothes or a leak from a broken car part. Rodents love moisture and tend to follow it. 
  • Keep an extra eye out in colder and rainier weather. This is when rodents will be looking for shelter most. 
  • Work with your local pest control company on prevention. You are less likely to see mice or rats take over your car if you have the problem under control around your home and in your garage. 

Why is Pest Control Important?

The damage these unwelcome guests can cause to your car can be a major financial burden. Car wires are often made of soy, peanut oil, and other materials that attract rodents. Wire replacements in the car can cost around $1,200. If a rat rips up your upholstery, you are looking at an additional few hundred dollars. Consequences from a rodent infestation also include health hazards.

Rodents also carry a wide variety of harmful diseases including salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery, hantavirus, and hemorrhagic fever. So not only will you be looking at paying for car damages, but you could be looking at hefty doctor bills as well.

Hire a Professional

If you think there might be a rodent infestation in your car, a professional pest control company will be your best bet. They will check out your car and provide pest control treatment if necessary to protect your health and safety, as well as your car’s health and safety. 

To avoid paying for car repairs and avert health concerns, hire a professional pest control company for the best rodent prevention, like us here at General Pest Control.