How To Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

June 15, 2021
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Mosquitoes. Among the most invasive and persistent backyard pests, a swarm of mosquitoes camping out on your property is the fastest way to turn backyard fun into a total nightmare. They lay their eggs underground in the fall, near pools of stagnant water they use for nutrients. Colonies of mosquitoes can be right under your feet and you wouldn’t even notice until it was too late.

By the time you notice they have taken over the backyard, you are left with dozens of tiny itchy little bites all over your legs just from walking through the yard. Then you are left searching for any kind of home remedy or DIY to relieve the itching from those mosquito bites. People try itch creams, clear nail polish, flicking/slapping the bite, or just giving in and itching the mosquito bites found all over their body. Even when you do find relief it is temporary, but you don’t want to find a solution for the pesky mosquitos in the backyard, you want to avoid the itching all together! 

DIYs to Keep Mosquitos Away

As temperatures rise and we prepare to enjoy the outdoors once again, mosquitoes are making their way out of their eggs ready to ruin the season. Homeowners have developed their own tactics to keep mosquitoes at bay, with varying degrees of success and cost in each situation. Each has its own set of pros and cons – 

  • Chemical Pesticides: One of the most effective ways to keep mosquitoes off your property is the use of store-bought repellants and pesticides. While effective for a period of time, these chemicals require regular reapplication and can cost far more time and money to property owners than the protection they provide. If you decide to try this out, we suggest a regular application.
  • Homemade traps: Similar to the way you remove wasps and hornets from their inconvenient homes on your property, mosquitoes can be dealt with by building traps. While generally effective on a small scale, large colonies have a greater area of effect than traps can contain. Oftentimes if you choose to go this route, you will have to buy or make multiple traps to hang around your yard in strategic locations. Remember to empty out these traps as well to make sure they work as effectively as possible.
  • Fans and Citronella Candles: If you’re looking to prevent mosquitoes from invading a certain area of your home, fans and candles can be very helpful. The constant breeze and use of citronella deter the pests from approaching but do little to remove and control the mosquito population on your property. You can even buy citronella plants to put around your outdoor patio and front door to deter the mosquitos in those areas.
  • Natural Remedies: A brief google search will take you down the rabbit hole of natural repellents for mosquitoes. Online exterminators swear by everything from coffee grounds, sage, basil, rosemary, lemongrass, vanilla extract, and even orange Listerine mouthwash. While they may seem effective in small sample sizes, these home remedies can only be so effective, if they do anything at all.  
  • Mosquito Net: Some people even go as far as to buy mosquito nets that they can put up around their patio or sunbed, anything to enjoy the nice weather and avoid the pesky mosquitoes in any way possible. These nets can be effective, but you need to be careful to always close them to avoid letting mosquitos in. You are essentially putting yourself in a net to keep the bugs away. While effective it can be a hassle to set up and maintain throughout the summer.
  • A Combination of the Above – generally if your home is plagued with mosquitoes you have more than likely tried one or a few of these in combination with each other to avoid the uncomfortable aftermath of mosquito bites. Maybe you use citronella candles and Listerine and have found some level of success or fans and a mosquito net. You might have tried using all of the above options in an effort to rid your home of mosquitoes with varying levels of success.

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A Solution That Works in Ridding Your Property of Mosquitoes

Now you could take a shot in the dark and try any or all of these methods to hopefully solve your mosquito problem. Or, you could rely on the trusted professionals and proven methods of General Pest Control. Using a combination of professional-grade chemical treatments and proven removal methods according to a targeted treatment plan, our pest control specialists will make your mosquito problem a thing of the past. So why wait another day to reclaim your outdoor space from mosquitoes? Schedule a consultation with one of our technicians and say goodbye to your mosquito problem.