How Much Damage Can Termites Do To Your Home? – A Lot.

April 13, 2021
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When it comes to dangerous bugs you usually think of poisonous spiders, wasps, bees, or even fire ants, but rarely is the first bug that comes to mind termites. However, termites can do far more damage than your average wasp sting. “How much damage can termites do” you might ask? A swarm of termites left unchecked can ruin the foundational structure of your home, leaving it a death trap for those living inside.

It’s a sight no homeowner can bear to see. When you let your guard down to the pests of the outside and return to find your home has been invaded by some of the most destructive insects in the modern world. Your once sturdy home can be reduced to a crumbling hazard zone of pinpoint holes and hollow beams, damaged from the foundation to the ceiling. The culprit? A staple of Kansas area springs and summers, these are the surest signs that you’ve got termites. And as the qualified experts of General Pest Control know, when termites go unnoticed and are allowed to take up residence in your home, it’s only a matter of time before the damage turns your fortress into ruins. 

How Termite Infestation Begins

So what does extensive termite damage look like? In order to fully understand the end result, homeowners must know how it begins. In the spring and summer months, when the air is warm and the humidity is plentiful, termites emerge from their subterranean burrows after the long winter. Their first mission is to find food. Homes and commercial buildings of unsuspecting owners are among their favorite places to start. While other insects may construct more notable entrances to your property, termites use a series of underground tunnels and mud tubes to find the best spot to make their way in. Many will go as far as to tunnel right under your home in search of weak spots in the foundation to make their entrance. When they find their way in, it’s a one-stop-shop of property damage as they set their sights on your floors, walls, and foundation. 

At first, you may not even know you have a termite infestation. A new creak in the floorboards or a newfound looseness to a beam can be attributed to the building settling in the mind of many property owners. As a homeowner, you might make a mental note to check it out later or call a carpenter, but as more pressing matters present themselves you let it fall to the wayside. And even the most watchful homeowners can allow small signs to go unnoticed as more pressing issues occupy their time. More issues will continue to persist – discolored drywall, crumbling wood, and ripples in your flooring, all signs of termites that go unnoticed or misdiagnosed.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs of Termites

Those small creaks in the joists will be the least of your problems when you wake up one morning and fall right through the floorboards thanks to an infestation of termites. Suddenly you find yourself under siege, you and your family have become residents of a crumbling building thanks to an unchecked army of termites feasting on the innards of your home. Beams splintering, walls sinking, all kinds of expensive and stressful repairs needing to be made because of termites unhindered destruction. Plenty of homeowners can be displaced for weeks or months at the end of a termite invasion, forced to take up with family, or stay at a hotel while repairmen try to salvage the damaged residence. While some can be repaired or replaced quickly, full-scale infestations can cause damage that will take thousands of dollars to fully repair and inspect, leaving you without a home and deep in a financial hole. 

While this might sound extreme, it is the reality of sharing a home with a swarm of termites. These tiny unwanted guests can eat through support beams and floor joists with ease rendering your home a hazard to those living in it. A termite problem left unchecked can end up costing you tens of thousands and in extreme cases hundreds of thousands to replace damages. 

Your Solution: General Pest Control Termite Extermination 

While there is a lot to fear when it comes to termite damage, there are easy steps to be taken to avoid catastrophe. Protect your home from these destructive insect menaces and prevent your home from suffering the consequences of inaction against termites, call General Pest Control.

General Pest Control has the solutions to your termite problems, as well as any other bugs, pests, or rodents that might have moved in. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped with the high-quality tools and treatments you need to protect your home from an infestation and give you the peace of mind you deserve. GPC works locally, which means our technicians and specialists know the area and how to best treat potential and current infestations. No one should have to take on the threat of termites on their own, and your family and home deserve the quality treatments and protection GPC offers to ensure you never become the characters in a termite horror story. So don’t let your home be exposed to potential destruction by these invaders. Contact your local General Pest Control location to schedule an inspection, so we can give you the quality pest control solutions you and your home deserve.