You already know that you should look out for common types of pests in your home. However, without Garden City bed bug control, you can easily miss spotting them until it’s too late.

These common pests can live in your mattress for weeks before you notice. It isn’t until you wake up with welts that you know something is wrong.

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Bed Bug Removal Garden City, KS

A bed bug’s size is what makes them so challenging to manage. They only appear when it’s time to feed, and by then, you’re asleep.
They can hide within the smallest crack or crevice, making them impossible to find. Unless you have our experienced exterminators or professional gear, you’re at risk.

While they don’t reproduce quickly, bed bugs can spread into other rooms shortly. They move incredibly fast for their small size, invading your home within hours.

If your bedroom suddenly smells musty or you find rust-colored stains, call us. You may already have these pests keeping you up at night.


Garden City, KS, Bed Bug Prevention

The best way to protect against bed bugs is to prevent spreading. Unfortunately, these pests can easily be transmitted via public transportation, lodging, and other public spaces.

Regularly wash and dry your bedding materials on high heat if possible. These pests can’t survive in triple-digit temperatures for long.

Make sure all beds use mattress covers to protect against infestations. After traveling, vacuum out your suitcases and bags before storing them.

And finally, call our exterminators for safe and effective treatments that your property deserves. We eliminate and prevent a variety of pests throughout Garden City, KS.

Best Garden City Bed Bug Control

Most products marketed specifically for bed bugs are toxic to both them and you. Many people still put these products on their beds with all those harmful chemicals.

Others leave their mattresses outside on a warm day, hoping it’s enough. When they hide deep within the fabric, though, they will stay alive and well.

Rather than relying on Do It Yourself pest control methods, contact our team for results. We know how to locate, remove, and prevent bed bugs from your location.

Don’t let these pests keep you from a good night’s sleep. Choose our local exterminators to protect your home or office from bugs.

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