Expectations Upon Arrival

August 23, 2022
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Preparing for Pest Control Treatment: What you should expect

When you find unwelcomed guests in your home like rats, spiders, ants, or roaches, it can make your skin crawl. You now stress about every unturned bed sheet and every small crack or gap. Pests can harm your furniture and house, eat your food, and overall, just be downright annoying. 

No one wants these creepy crawlers invading their home and wreaking havoc on their space. Do-it-yourself pest control might seem like a great option to deter these vermin. However, for long-lasting prevention and extermination, you need the experts at your side. You need the professional pest control services of General Pest Control

Learn more about what it looks like to work with the bug exterminators at General Pest Control. 

What to Expect from Your Pest Control Professional

The pest control company’s first visit to your home will likely be the initial evaluation. In the initial evaluation, the professional expert will speak with you about persistent concerns with any particular insects or rodents. They will also perform an initial inspection of your home, inside and out. During that inspection, they will be looking for a variety of signs for pests including, but not limited to:  

  • Wood damage or sawdust
    These are initial signs of a termite infestation.
  • Animal droppings
    This is anything an insect or rodent might have left behind.
  • Cracks or small holes
    These areas, throughout the home, might be a common entry or an exit point for pests.
  • Door frames and windows
    These are the most common areas for bugs to enter, so the professionals will double-check seals.

After the initial evaluation, the specialist will work with you on creating a pest control treatment plan or extermination plan based on your concerns, and the issues they find during the inspection.

How to Prepare for Pest Treatment

The exterminator will walk through the specific treatment plan for your home, whether it be the extermination of a particular infestation such as termites or bed bugs, or just general maintenance and pest prevention. Our experts at General Pest Control will walk you through the exact steps for your property after inspection. There are 5 general ways you can prepare for your treatment including: 

  1. Communicate with the experts where you have previously spotted pests.
    Take note of where you have seen the creepy crawlers. If this means writing the location(s) down or taking a picture, do so to help the inspectors locate the pests more efficiently and work to spray the needed areas.
  2. Move large furniture away from the walls.
    Depending on where the infestation has occurred, it may be beneficial to move furniture or appliances. This will allow your exterminator to fully sweep the entire property when completing their general spraying treatments around your home.
  3. Tidy up your spaces before arrival.
    Pick up any toys left out, clothes on the floor of your room, and food or cutlery from the counters. Although there have been safety measures taken to ensure that pest control treatment is safe, it is still a good idea to remove anything that might end up in or around your mouth. 
  4. Move your pets.
    Although it is safe for you to be home during the pest control treatment, pets can cause an unnecessary danger. Due to this, it is recommended that you remove them from the home or move them to a different part of the house, so they are not in the exterminator’s way
  5. Talk to your pest control company.
    If you have any questions, specific to your home or pest control treatment, talk to your exterminator. They will be able to answer any questions you might have, and educate you on the treatment process. 

During Your Pest Control Treatment

Your exterminator will let you know if you must leave the property in order to complete the treatment. In most cases, you can stay in your home. You will only be asked to leave in the event that it’s an extreme case. 

While general pest control spraying is typically safe, you do not want to be in direct contact with the solution immediately after use. For this reason, we suggest refraining from touching the solution. However, that is typically the only needed request during our visit. 

Your home treatment will typically last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the pest treatment and your property size. 

After Your Treatment 

Following the pest control company’s visit to your home, inspectors will go over the following: what treatments were performed, anything new that was found, what you need to do or avoid doing within the home, and if there are any additional treatments that need to be scheduled at that time. Those additional treatments can range from simply scheduling your next preventative care appointment, all the way to secondary and tertiary infestation treatments for those particularly aggressive infestations. 

How Long Will it Take for the Treatment to Work?

You should see improvements in your home within one to two days after the initial spraying takes place. Continue to check those high-traffic areas for dead insects. You will likely continue to see these a few weeks after treatment. This is completely normal, as the pesticides take effect. 

Work with Your Local Pest Control Company

Pest control treatments should be as straightforward and as easy as possible. General Pest Control will ensure you know exactly what is going on in your home and how to prevent further infestations; all while protecting your family, pets, and home. We are located in Dodge City, Garden City, Pratt, Ulysses, Liberal, Guymon, OK, and their surrounding areas. 

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